Every spring we set our clocks forward one hour to begin daylight savings time. Then in the fall we set our clocks back one hour to resume standard time. Only a few weeks ago we did the springing forward which always means we lose an hour of sleep in the transition.

Which is more difficult for you to adjust to — springing forward or falling back? Some people struggle with the springing forward because the evenings seem so much longer and they are ready to go to bed at the old time. Other people struggle with the falling back because they wake up in the morning at the same time and lay awake for an extra hour. Eventually most everyone adjusts to the time changes.

In our spiritual lives springing forward is always a better course than falling backwards. Spiritually speaking, we are in a constant battle between falling back and springing forward. We struggle with temptations to fall back into our old self-sufficient lifestyles. We choose what we want rather than what God would want. The option to just stand still never works for we invariably lose ground.

We need to make the effort to spring forward into lifestyles that would please God. We need to strive every day to become more like Christ. Like Paul, we need to forget what lies behind and reach forward to what lies ahead and press on toward the goal of Christlikeness
(Phil. 3:13,14). Let’s not fall back spiritually. Instead let’s spring forward.

In Christ,

Bro. Barry

Bro. Barry
Bro. Barry
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