Rick Hoyt was born with severe disabilities. He was unable to talk, walk, or use his hands. Doctors told his parents that he would never be anything more than a vegetable and that they should just put him in an institution. Rick’s father, Dick, was unwilling to accept this. He could see in his son’s bright eyes that he was not a vegetable. He eventually fitted his son with a computer that he can use to communicate by tapping a button with the side of his head. Not only did this enable Rick to graduate High School, but he also went on to college and got a degree in special education.

When a classmate was injured and the school organized a charity run, Rick typed out to his dad, “Dad, I want to do that.” So Dick prepared to push his son in the wheelchair. When they started the five mile race, many of those watching thought he would push his son down to the corner and come back. But he didn’t. He ran the entire five miles.  Afterward, Rick typed out, “Dad, when we were running, it feels like I’m not even handicapped!”

So began the first of many races which not only included marathons, but triathlons as well. Dick really got into shape, leading some to suggest he try racing without his son. But he will not. Rick cannot race without his dad, and his dad will not race without his son. They are called “Team Hoyt.” Dick has become his son’s arms and his legs in the races. Dick outputs an amazing amount of time, effort, and energy for his son. They literally do everything together!

This is the way it is with my Heavenly Father. My sins twisted my life and rendered me a powerless slave to them. He took those sins and bore them upon himself out of love for me. Without him, I would still be enslaved. It is my Father who is at work in me both to “will and to work for His good pleasure” (Phil 2:13). Truly, I can do nothing without him. I am still weak, but his power is demonstrated in my weakness. He carries me through life with his strength. When I sin, I remind myself that I can do no better without Him, and that I need to reconnect with Him. I cannot do it on my own. Without him, I would be stuck right where I was. The strength that I now have is really not my own. He gave and continues to give to me endlessly.

In Christ,

Bro. Barry

Bro. Barry

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